Custom Projects

We left off with Friday’s final update as the Speedway stainless exhaust (with their new coated dual-chamber mufflers) was being fit and TIG welded up by Ryan; Jason buttoned up and adjusted all the suspension and sheetmetal, double-checked all the computer connections and fluid fittings; and after Christian adjusted the four-link to center the rear end, he added all the necessary liquids. Then, as the entire remaining audience huddled around (avoiding the downpour outside), the fuel system was primed and ol’ yeller came to life the first click of the key—which could’ve been used for court evidence had the Facebook Live guys heard the “fire in the hole” cry!
Not being Classic Trucks’ first non-scripted, actual M-F gitterdone rodeo adventure, the “home” team (TEN Tech Center) had the advantage of expecting a curveball or two along the way. And fortunately, the “away” team (Speedway Motors) was quick to respond and rebound from minor issues such as having to swap the LS3’s oil pan for a Holley low-profile pan or accommodate the larger engine’s girth by adjusting the brake pedal/booster location. Regardless, never arose a moment where anyone questioned whether or not the three-window pickup would fire, run, AND drive under its own power before the stroke of midnight on Day 5. (I will admit, there were a couple concerned looking faces as the clock struck 10pm Friday—but none of them had grease under their fingernails, either!)
No professional racer on the face of the Earth has seen more checkered flags than Richard Petty, and what makes the feat even more mythical for race fans are all the awesome Mopars that helped The King charge to victory lane. To pay tribute to Richard Petty’s accomplishments, and celebrate the long line of Mopars that helped carry him to greatness, Smithfield Foods commissioned Petty’s Garage to build a retro-themed, Hemi-powered Pro Touring Superbird. Best of all, they’re giving it away to one lucky fan. All you have to do is buy some pork!
In one corner of the shop what was a pile of individual panels from Golden Star was turning into a brand new 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible by body assembly man, Jerry Taylor. The floor was finished, the cowl and windshield were in place, doors had been hung and the rear inner fenders were welded on. Next the trunk lid and quarter panels would be added. Considering Jerry was constantly interrupted for photos or video recordings we’d say the amount of progress in four days was remarkable.