Speedway Motors Week to Wicked Final Finale

Not being Classic Trucks’ first non-scripted, actual M-F gitterdone rodeo adventure, the “home” team (TEN Tech Center) had the advantage of expecting a curveball or two along the way. And fortunately, the “away” team (Speedway Motors) was quick to respond and rebound from minor issues such as having to swap the LS3’s oil pan for a Holley low-profile pan or accommodate the larger engine’s girth by adjusting the brake pedal/booster location. Regardless, never arose a moment where anyone questioned whether or not the three-window pickup would fire, run, AND drive under its own power before the stroke of midnight on Day 5. (I will admit, there were a couple concerned looking faces as the clock struck 10pm Friday—but none of them had grease under their fingernails, either!)